Old Barn


I have driven by this old building for years and have always wondered if I could make a good photograph with it. I have ventured over to it a couple of times during the day and just couldn’t envision a decent photograph. I always told myself that maybe it would make a decent night photograph but always went somewhere else.

I finally told myself, I have to give this a nighttime photo effort. My brother who lives locally, recently retired and told me he would gladly go along if needed to help out or even just watch on a photo trip. Clearly, he must be bored if he wants to wander into the cold darkness to help with some photos. But, what better time to take him up on his offer than on this attempt.

As we made it to the location, it was just starting to get dark. Quick scouting walks around the building and the ‘best’ location/angle was chosen. The angle was better than I thought while trying to remember my previous trips to the building. Now I had to set everything up and wait for the surroundings to become dark. I have to admit, I thought this was an old falling down cabin but realized it was actually a small old barn. Obviously, my previous trips were not very well scouted because I did not notice this previously.

My new “Assistant” (brother) was given the rundown on how I try and create the end photograph. Considering this was his first photo adventure with me, there was a natural learning curve, but he adapted quickly. So with the normal trial and error, I think we started to understand what was needed to complete the project by light painting different parts of the building. Some clouds moving through the frame were an added bonus. Once I felt we accomplished what was needed for the photo, we were able to relax and try some other things just for the fun of it.

After returning to the warm comforts of my home, I was able to get some sleep with what was left of the night. Putting the photos into the computer I was able to put them together and found this photograph as a result of our toils that night. Really happy with the results and can’t believe I waited this long to do it.

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