Living Memorial


I have been watching some more videos on photography lately, hoping to get a new inspiration. I came across one that piqued my interest and thought it would be fun to try out. It didn’t hurt that the idea was within my favorite type of photography – nights! The technique was the usual light painting but also incorporates some backlighting to help add more dimension to the photograph.

So I took a road trip to scout a location for this new adventure. I had an idea of where I would like to go, but needed to see it in person to make sure the elements I was thinking about would hopefully work. I drove to the Living Memorial Sculpture Gardens off of Highway 97. This place is set on several acres and has several brass (?) sculptures honoring war veterans and their families. After looking the place over, I felt it would be a good locale for this new-to-me technique.

I had been to this spot a few times in the past. Each of the visits were to incorporate Milky Way photography along with the sculptures. Of course, it currently is not Milky Way ‘season’ so I thought I would try and put in some star trails for a different feel. A few days later, I took off with my trusty assistant/son-in-law to try this all out.

Of course, it is December, so it is a little brisk at the Garden. Throw in a little breeze to make sure it really is on the cold side. We set up the equipment and started to experiment with lighting. Once we thought we had the right combination for what I was looking for, out came the intravelomter. Punch in the necessary settings and off we go. After all the mistakes were out of the way, I settled on nine, three-minute exposures and had what I was hoping would work. Looking on the back of the camera at the very ‘large’ video display, I was a little disappointed. It didn’t seem as dramatic as I was hoping, but you never know until you see it on a big screen. We did a couple more sculptures before we called it quits for the night.

After returning home and downloading the photos on the computer, I was pleasantly surprised at the results. Amazing what a big screen will do compared to the little camera screen! There are always things I found and learned that I would do a little differently next time. But considering this was my first attempt at this technique, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it also.

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