Three Bridges


I know I haven’t posted for a while, but unfortunately, I had a little injury that has kept my attention.  This photo I took before the all of that but I will write about it now.

My son-in-law had a work assignment in Portland and asked if I would give him a ride up there.  This of course sounded like an opportunity for some photos in an area where I haven’t done a lot of photography.  I know they have a large river passing through town (Willamette) and have several bridges that cross the river.  I did a little research before we left and had a few ideas about where to go. 

So once we arrived and he checked into where he was supposed to go, we set out to scout some possibilities.  Naturally, I was mostly interested in potential night photo locations.  We came across a couple of locations, but the main spots I had researched were blocked off for repair/construction.  So coming up with a Plan B, we ventured a little further down and were not disappointed.  I took several different photos at different spots and was having a good time.

I decided to try one more spot for a good photo of the Portland skyline from the river’s edge.  From the new spot, I was able to get a few good photographs of the skyline with nice colors and reflections off the water.  Awhile ago, through one of the many tutorials I had read or watched, someone mentioned to always look behind you.  The person had said you maybe surprised to find what photograph is sitting behind you, even though it is not your focus.

So I looked behind me and was pleasantly surprised at the scene before me.   It was definitely not in what I was at this location to photograph but thought it was interesting and grabbed a photo of the scene.  Only one photograph and went back to what I was working on.  When I returned and started looking at my photos, this one photograph stood out and was definitely one of my favorites from the entire trip. 

It is amazing what you accidentally come across and stands out from all the rest.

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