During Dianne’s Christmas break, we decided to spend a couple of days in Seattle.  I booked the hotel a couple of weeks in advance, not knowing what the weather would be like.  Considering we wanted to do some basic tourist sightseeing, we were able to get a hotel in the downtown area so we could walk to most sights.

Naturally I was hoping to get some photography in while we were visiting and more important, hoping for some night photography.  The weather is always something to worry about when traveling to Seattle.  The first night was forecast to be dry, but wet weather was in-line for the following two days.  So the first night was my best opportunity for dry weather and not having to worry about trying to keep the camera and lens dry.

The hotel we booked had a great view right out our window on the 30th floor looking toward the Space Needle (may add some photographs later).  Although very good, I wanted to also walk around and see something that isn’t the ‘normal’ tourist photo in Seattle.

While walking around, I came across this scene, looking down toward Puget Sound.  I was really interested in the steam coming out of the manhole cover and wanted it to be included.  So after different angles and attempts, I came up with this one.  The color version was okay also, but wanted to see how it looked in black and white.  I was really pleased with the end result.  Definitely not the typical tourist shot, so mission accomplished!

You ask how was the weather the next two days – nothing but rain!

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